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Mirelle Goren, Founder & Principal Designer

Noted for her unique style and keen attention to detail and fueled by a passion to create bespoke designs that blend organization with a luxe, layered look, Mirelle has dedicated her mission to improving the way her clients live with a carefully curated space designed around their lifestyle.  After studying Interior Decorating and gaining real-world experience working for one of Toronto’s most prestigious Interior Design studios, Mirelle founded Mirelle Goren Interiors in 2015, creating bespoke interiors for the most discerning clientele. With a keen interest in developing her business further, Mirelle studied a professional Interior Design processes program that allowed her to enhance her services while implementing a solid foundation of procedures so she can seamlessly lead her clients through the design journey.  Mirelle prides herself on taking a personalized approach with each client so they feel confident knowing that they will love the outcome. Mirelle was born and raised in Toronto where she continues to live with her husband, two children, and doodle.  When she’s not working, she loves to travel, spend time with family, and enjoy summer days up north.

About Our Full-Service Design Process

So just how do we go about creating your dream home? At Mirelle Goren Interiors, we utilize a detailed four-phase design process so that your experience can be enjoyable and stress-free.  We learn about the intricacies of your lifestyle and apply these details to create a stunning and functional living space that seamlessly aligns with your way of life, work, and leisure. Whether your project is a total home remodel or a one-room makeover, we can take care of the design.

Here is what you can expect in each of the four phases of the full-service interior design process:


In this first phase, we dig deep into getting to know you and your lifestyle. Your wants, dreams, needs, likes and dislikes are all explored with the aid of discussions, inspirational images, samples, and questionnaires that we provide. We will also supply information on a budget to align your dreams with practical solutions. Through these conversations and meetings, we will gather the information needed to zero in on how you want your home to look and feel when it’s complete. Afterall, this is your home, and we want you to love the outcome!


Once we have a detailed understanding of your personality and your preferences, we will begin sourcing for the best possible selections. From furnishings and fabrics, finishes and materials, lighting and accessories, every item is carefully selected to suit your space and style. This is also when technical drawings such as floor plans will be created to achieve maximum functionality and flow. The drawings will be reviewed together so you know exactly what you’re looking at and have a chance to discuss revisions. During this phase, visits to the project site to meet various trades will be scheduled. Once we have pulled together a thoughtful and complete picture of what your space will look like, we present it all to you in one clearly laid out format. It is at this Design Presentation when the real sense of excitement kicks in as you can clearly visualize what’s to come. Pricing will also be shared so that there are no surprises.


Procurement is a fancy way of saying purchasing. Now that the details of your design dreams have been approved, you can relax knowing that we will take care of the ordering details. These details include confirming product specifications and timelines with the vendor; finalizing the purchasing; following up to make sure the order is in process; tracking deliveries; working with the receiving company; and handling problems such as damaged goods. You can have peace-of-mind while we work behind-the-scenes to ensure all the pieces come together.


This is when you get to see your dreams become a reality! The installation of your carefully curated selections will be arranged, either all in a single day, or over multiple days, depending on the project. From furniture assembly and placement to art and drapery installations, we will cover it all. In this final phase, the finishing touches will be put into place, and you can feel satisfied knowing that you have a well-designed home that is uniquely yours. Your personal sanctuary.

About Our Fees

We always start with a complimentary discovery call where we get to know a little about each other.  There is no commitment, so don’t hesitate to request your complimentary call today!  We will explain how our fees work and go over other associated costs like purchases, receiver fees, and construction.  We charge a flat rate fee for the design, so you’ll know up front how much our services are going to cost.  The fee for procurement is also provided to you before the project begins.  We can tackle your entire project at once or break it out into phases.  If you’re not sure how much things cost, we can help you plan a budget.

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